A new group ‘Apapo Oduduwa Koya’led by Dr Olu Jalade, has risen to demand actualisation of Oduduwa Republic. In a Statement signed by Dr Wumi Akintunde in Ibadan, December 8, 2011, titled THE SOLUTION TO THIS CRISIS IS OUR OWN SOVEREIGNTY, the group said: “The spate of bombing in Nigeria will not stop until the country breaks up into smaller ethnic units based on common values and tradition, the Apapo Oduduwa Koya, the Yoruba self determination group said yesterday at the end of its emergency meeting held in Ibadan on Thursday. “Wednesday’s bombing of the Kaduna metropolis by Boko Haram is a challenge to the Yoruba people, our Itsekiri kinsmen and women to begin to rethink and work towards their own country where tradition and values are the same. We have had enough of brigandage. This violence will continue and the only way to put a stop is to call it quits with Nigeria”, the group said in a statement issued at noon. “The group said it is worried that most of the causalities of the bombings in the North are Southerners and Northern minorities. “To be honest, we are not opposed to Boko Haram insisting on an Islamic state, but that right cannot be imposed on non Islamic or Islamic but traditional communities. We see the bombing as a clear indication that the break-up of the country is now inevitable. We urge the Yoruba people to prepare for the challenge in our bid to minimize causalities in a country that permanently at perpetual conflict with itself.” “The group said that AOKOYA will launch an intensive campaign towards the actualization of a sovereign Republic of Oduduwa. According to the group’s spokesperson, Dr Wumi Akintunde AOKOYA is convinced that the social and political crisis facing Nigeria can only be actualized with the delink of the territories of Yoruba people making such a sovereign nation. “We will mobilize our people to ensure that the 100 anniversary of the forceful amalgamation of Nigeria which will be marked on January 1 2014, will be celebrated by Yoruba people in their own new country, a sovereign nation of freedom, human liberty and a country that promised to be one of the most outstanding stars in the world.”


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