Yorubas adviced to prepare for own country. Worried by the spate of bombings and killings by Boko Haram, Apapo Oodua Koya (AOKOYA) a Pan-Yoruba group has urged the people of the South West to prepare for their own sovereignty since the battle ahead looks like a contest for an inevitable break-up of the country. The group expressed certainty that the bombing of worship places and social instituti…ons will not stop until the country rises up to the ghost of its forceful 1914 amalgamation, and allows the different ethnic groups to determine their own future including their own strategies for the protection of lives and properties. “We are working to see a sovereign Oduduwa Republic from Lagos to Jebba, and Lokoja plus the Itsekiri part of Delta and as soon as possible. It is now certain that the practical solution to the unending crisis since Nigeria’s forceful amalgamation in1914 is the peaceful break-up of the country,” argued a statement signed by AOKOYA’s director of media affairs, Mr. Saliu Akinkunmi. “We have the opportunity now to do it under the United Nations, (UN) supervision. We are a country bound with irreconcilable differences. This historical fault lines and cleavages continue to sharpen our differences and show an inherent, irreversible violent clash of values and civilization. The Nigerian system cannot bring out the best political and social elements from the Yoruba Nation. The time for Oduduwa Republic is now.” “These indices will continue to fuel violence and aggression,” the statement added. “Most politicians came to power through violence and brigandage. We are an enslaved nation and no visionary leader can emerge in this poor context. The solution is for every ethnic group to go its own way. We, as an organisation, shall work to actualise this historical dream for the Yoruba Nation. “No President of Nigeria can make any difference given the moribund foundation of the Nigerian state. We observe that since 1914, the country has been a fierce battle ground for primordial ethnic powers, with one trying to outdo the other, resulting in violent clashes and unending loss of human lives. “In this contest, the Hausa-Fulani is not prepared to relinquish power for a minute. This has been responsible for the group’s preference for military coups having seized the structure of the military since the pre-independence era. The bombings we see today are orchestrated to cause a state of anarchy and scuttle democratic culture.”

A new group ‘Apapo Oduduwa Koya’, has risen to demand actualisation of Oduduwa Republic. In a Statement signed by Dr Wumi Akintunde in Ibadan, December 8, 2011, titled THE SOLUTION TO THIS CRISIS IS OUR OWN SOVEREIGNTY, the group said: “The spate of bombing in Nigeria will not stop until the country breaks up into smaller ethnic units based on common values and tradition, the Apapo Oduduwa Koya, the Yoruba self determination group said yesterday at the end of its emergency meeting held in Ibadan on Thursday. “Wednesday’s bombing of the Kaduna metropolis by Boko Haram is a challenge to the Yoruba people, our Itsekiri kinsmen and women to begin to rethink and work towards their own country where tradition and values are the same. We have had enough of brigandage. This violence will continue and the only way to put a stop is to call it quits with Nigeria”, the group said in a statement issued at noon. “The group said it is worried that most of the causalities of the bombings in the North are Southerners and Northern minorities. “To be honest, we are not opposed to Boko Haram insisting on an Islamic state, but that right cannot be imposed on non Islamic or Islamic but traditional communities. We see the bombing as a clear indication that the break-up of the country is now inevitable. We urge the Yoruba people to prepare for the challenge in our bid to minimize causalities in a country that permanently at perpetual conflict with itself.” “The group said that AOKOYA will launch an intensive campaign towards the actualization of a sovereign Republic of Oduduwa. According to the group’s spokesperson, Dr Wumi Akintunde AOKOYA is convinced that the social and political crisis facing Nigeria can only be actualized with the delink of the territories of Yoruba people making such a sovereign nation. “We will mobilize our people to ensure that the 100 anniversary of the forceful amalgamation of Nigeria which will be marked on January 1 2014, will be celebrated by Yoruba people in their own new country, a sovereign nation of freedom, human liberty and a country that promised to be one of the most outstanding stars in the world.”

The Yoruba people populate the nation state of Oduduwa. The Yoruba people are descendants of one common progenitor, Oduduwa. Yoruba history states Oduduwa and his progeny founded and settled in Ile-Ife about 6,000 B.C. The spoken language is Yoruba. Oduduwa progeny later founded other cities, towns, and villages. Oduduwa progeny established and ran the acclaimed ancient Oyo Empire.

Yoruba land is approximately 225 square kilometers. It stretches about 550 kilometers from the Atlantic west ocean to river Niger in the north, bordered by Edo land in the east, and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. Nigeria government 1990 census says Yoruba people in Nigeria are over 46 million.

In the colonial era, the British recognized Yoruba Nation as sovereign entity, traded, and entered into numerous treaties with Yoruba Nation. The British ran Yoruba Nation as separate entity in the southern protectorate.

In 1914, the British joined the southern and northern protectorates to form current Nigeria. The Yoruba objected to the formation of Nigeria and began agitation for self-rule. About 1948 the British grants the Yoruba people self-rule.

In 1960, the British granted Nigeria independence. However, the British in apparent retaliation claimed in disputed census result the arid northern desert was more populated than the south western rain forest coastal region. The North was awarded more representatives in parliament and more revenue from the federal government funds. This action signals the beginning of hostility and prevented Nigeria unity.

Oduduwa Republic Respects All Religion

Oduduwa Republic will operate secular religion system. It will respect and accommodate all religion.

Oduduwa Republic Is Natural Resources Rich

Oduduwa land is rich in human resources. Its fertile land is rich in agricultural products, and in mineral resources. Agrarian products include cocoa, yams, kola nut, cotton, cassava, and beans. Mineral resources include crude oil, iron ore, nickel, bitumen, and lime stone.

The Yoruba People are Entitle to Self Determination

1.  The Yoruba are indigenous people and meet the United Nations self- determination criteria.

2.  The Yoruba population is more than 46 million and meets the United Nations self- determination criteria.

3.  The Yoruba land mass meet the United Nations self-determination criteria.

4.  The Yoruba language is well developed and meets the United Nations self-determination criteria.

5.  The Yoruba people are marginalized, persecuted, and oppressed in Nigeria.

6.  The United Nations numerous resolutions state people marginalized, persecuted, and oppressed are entitled to self-determination.

7.  The Nigeria government mismanagement of its resources magnified by ethnic preferences put Yoruba at grave disadvantage.

8.  The unstable political structure in Nigeria is on the verge of collapse.

9.  Many prominent socio-political scientists and international observers including the United States Intelligent Committee Report predicted Nigeria will disintegrate in 2013.

10.  The Yoruba people desire to leave Nigeria peacefully rather than through armed agitation.

11.  The Yoruba current standard of living has declined dramatically when measured with the standard of living during regional self government in 1950s through 1960s.

12.  The decline in Yoruba standard of living reached alarming proportions in the past two decades.

13.  The free education program the Yoruba self-rule government established in the 1950s through 1960s resulted in well trained and well educated Yoruba people.

14.  The highly trained and educated Yoruba people at home and abroad stand ready to staff and run Oduduwa Republic government.

Oduduwa Republic Advances the United Nations Goals

Oduduwa Republic benefits and advances the United Nations goals and objectives. The universal realization of the right of the peoples to self-determination is enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations. The universal realization of the right of the peoples to self-determination is embodied in the International Covenants on Human Rights. The Yoruba people are marginalized, persecuted and oppressed in Nigeria. The Yoruba people desire to free themselves from persecution and domination by other people in Nigeria.

The United Nations support for Oduduwa Republic yields tremendous benefits for humanity. They are:

1.  The United Nations immediate recognition of Oduduwa Republic reduces possible regional antagonism and conflicts against the new nation.

2.  The United Nations immediate recognition of Oduduwa Republic enhances peaceful transition from Nigeria of the new nation.

3.  The United Nations immediate recognition of Oduduwa Republic generates the Yoruba people goodwill toward the United Nations.

4.  The Yoruba people peaceful transition to Oduduwa Republic reduce refugee burden on the neighboring countries.

5.  The Yoruba people peaceful transition to Oduduwa Republic eliminates United Nations armed conflict management obligations.

President: Dr Olu Jalade, Phd, LLm, CPA

(Aare Ona Kankaofo of Yorubaland.)

Capital: Lagos

Population: 100 million Est.

About: http://www.oduduwanation.org/about

National Anthem; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJeho8FBod0



3 thoughts on “ODUDUWA REPUBLIC

  1. Interesting…But its been a year and we are still not free and I dont see any political action on the street;only the net.
    The blog is also disappointingly empty. I think the administrators need to include a link that makes it possible to share a link to the site on facebook and other social netwrks.it really needs to be noticed.

  2. Hi,
    I am Yoruba. I am a descendant from slaves left Ile Ife and Ile Oyo and are leaving Adashê (Porto Novo in Benin Republic). I am a french speaker.
    I am really interesting on Oduduwa Republic if this project is serious.


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